You Can Buy Bidvest Car Insurance with Us

Little known to many South Africans is the impressive range of motor vehicle insurance products from Bidvest Financial Services. Through many subsidiaries, Bidvest Group operates the largest network of new and used car dealers in South Africa. Because of this, the company has a clear and definite understanding of what drivers want and need in motor insurance. Bidvest car insurance is just that service. Along with its extended motor warranty, Bidvest has the right product for you. Find quotes and more by using our form below.

*Based on your profile, your details will be sent to insurance partners that will best serve your needs. That may be a different company than the one featured on this page and form.

Bidvest Car Insurance and Benefits

Although Bidvest is an independent company, it does work with many other car insurance companies that are popular among South Africans. Bidvest’s partners range from cheap car insurance providers like Budget Insurance, to more mainstream ones like Hollard Car Insurance. This works very well because by using Bidvest, you essentially take away from the struggle of determining which motor insurance policy is right for your own personal needs.

  • When you insure your car with Bidvest, your insurance policy can be underwritten by any of the 15 insurance companies in partnership to offer Bidvest car insurance policies.
  • Your premiums are guaranteed for the first 2 years of your policy
  • Your premiums can increase after you make a claim, and this affects your risk profile
  • Equally important is the fact that your insurance premiums should increase on an inflation adjusted basis every year. This is to ensure that what you pay reflects the buying power of your money in today’s money. That way you will remain adequately insured and not underinsured.
  • You buy cover for your car either using the online forms of which you will first get quotes from different car insurance companies in South Africa, and then make your decision on which one is best for you

Bidvest’s size enable it to negotiate favourable deals for its policyholders. As as result of these other partnerships and through companies that Bidvest owns outright, you can get many benefits as part of your car insurance cover.

*Based on your profile, your details will be sent to insurance partners that will best serve your needs. That may be a different company than the one featured on this page and form.

These benefits include

  • A courtersy car
  • Discounted car hire from Tempest, Europcar, Avis and more
  • Tracker, Altech Netstar, and other tracking devices which can in fact further reduce your monthly premiums
  • 24/7 all year round roadside assistance and medical assistance
  • Cash back benefits and other bonuses for not claiming on your insurance
  • Reduced premiums for additional vehicles in your policy
  • Low premiums on insurance for your personal goods like cellphone and other electronics
  • Low premiums for household/home insurance
  • Cover for your water craft like a boat
  • Insurance for your caravan

Please note that Bidvest car insurance offers comprehensive cover only. Comprehensive car insurance is the most common type of insurance for cars, where you are covered for the losses you incur when your own car is damaged in an accident or natural disaster, and cover for any third parties as result of your own doing. Furthermore, comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers you for loses due to fire, theft, hijacking, floods, and much much more.

Compare ‘n Save has partnered with Bidvest in offering more of its services. You can get car insurance quotes from up to 16 different car insurers and choose anyone that makes sense to you. However, your insurance policy might not offer an extended warranty or whatever mechanical and electrical breakdown plan or maintenance/service plan you have with that insurer might not be adequate. By buying a Bidvest Motor Warranty, you can complement your main car insurance and lower the current and long-term running costs of your car.