Old Mutual’s iWyze Car Insurance Online Quotes Beat Rivals

Old Mutual has done a great job with iWYZE, which unlike the parent company’s closest competitor, Sanlam which owns MiWay, iWYZE has kept with Old Mutual’s many ethos. A great company culture alone of course can’t compensate for great car insurance options that people actually want, but luckily, iWYZE Car Insurance has done a pretty good job at delivering on the right products. This is what an iWYZE online quote for your motor vehicle can offer you.

*Based on your profile, your details will be sent to insurance partners that will best serve your needs. That may be a different company than the one featured on this page and form.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

This option provides you cover for your motor vehicle against damages caused by accidents, fire and other unforeseen natural disasters which are increasingly becoming common, for example mass hail storms. This option goes even further and covers you against the loss of your car caused by theft or hijacking, and of course offers third party insurance. iWYZE comprehensive car insurance is the most extensive cover option you can get.

3rd Party, Fire Damage, and Theft/Hijacking

As the name of this second option suggests, iWYZE will cover your for damages you cause to third party cars and properties, cover against loss caused in fires, and cover in the event that your car is stolen during a hijacking.

3rd Party Insurance

3rd Party Only Insurance from iWYZE is the most affordable option. And although this it covers only for claims against you posed by third parties, the perks of being a policyholder at iWYZE distinguishes this option from those offered by other car insurance companies.

Optional Benefits of Insuring with iWYZE

A car insurance policy with iWYZE offers you a host of outstanding benefits. At first, some of these may not seem all that important and necessary to you, but the likelihood that you might actually utilize them in the future is pretty high, hence the insurance company offers them to you in the first place.

  • Car hire
  • 100% cash back on your buildings insurance when take up home and home contents insurance as well. The cash back bonus is applicable if you do not make claims for at least 6 years
  • Reduced premiums on your car insurance when you take up other insurances with iWYZE
  • Credit shortfall allowance
  • 10% of your premiums are paid back in cash when you don’t make claims for 3 years
  • Retrenchment waiver means that if you are retrenched during the period of your policy, iWYZE will pay up to six months of your premiums for you
  • Insurance options are not limited to passenger cars, but 4x4s, bakkies, caravans and trailers can all be covered under the same or separate policies
  • Options to cover your vehicle at market, trade or retail value
  • 100% excess waiver means you can get up to a full discount on your excess when you do eventually make a claim on your insurance

*Based on your profile, your details will be sent to insurance partners that will best serve your needs. That may be a different company than the one featured on this page and form.

iWYZE offers a truly broad range of cover. It is Old Mutual’s short term insurance company, which is also underwritten by Mutual and Federal. Quality, affordability and a great name behind it, your if an iWYZE online quote is your first option, then enquire below and compare what the company offers against other vehicle insurance companies by filling in the form above.

IWYZE Car Insurance Contact Details for Online Quotes

PHONE: 0860000053
WEB: http://www.oldmutual.co.za/personal/insurance/car-insurance.aspx