Cheap Prime Meridian Car Insurance Online Quotes Could Be Right for You!

The Prime Motor Thrift is one of the best cheap car insurance products in South Africa. It’s easy to understand and provides policyholders with exactly what you need, and better yet you can get a Prime Meridian car insurance online quote and easily compare that against the other quotes you’ve received. Here’s what Find-Insurance wants to highlight about the Prime Meridian Motor Thrift Plan.

Prime Meridian Direct Motor Thrift Plan

What Prime Meridian Direct offers under this plan is a sound but affordable car insurance policy. However, whereas other motor vehicle insurance companies have comprehensive cover, 3rd party, fire and theft cover, and of course 3rd party only cover, the Motor Thrift Plan is a 3rd party, fire and theft insurance policy. It’s a single and simple product that covers your essential needs.

*Based on your profile, your details will be sent to insurance partners that will best serve your needs. That may be a different company than the one featured on this page and form.

What Is Covered in Your Policy

  • Your vehicle will be covered for damages to 3rd party property of up to 500,000
  • It will also be covered for up to 100% of its trade-in value if it is written-off through an accident, lost through a fire or other natural disaster, and/or stolen through theft or hijacking
  • You won’t pay any excess when you claim. This is important as this sets Prime Meridian apart from other cheap car insurance providers
  • Your monthly insurance premiums will not increase unlike with other insurance companies. This is quite a serious distinction between King Price Car Insurance, which also provides affordable car insurance cover for example. Whereas King Price’s insurance premiums decrease every month, you still need to pay an excess when you claim. Conversely, Prime Meridian scraps the excess and fixes your premiums for the whole duration of your policy

Premiums for the Motor Thrift start from as little as R150 per month, but by comparing online car insurance quotes, you’ll be able to see how your actual Motor Thrift quote fairs against others. You can get other car insurance rates by filling in our form.

*Based on your profile, your details will be sent to insurance partners that will best serve your needs. That may be a different company than the one featured on this page and form.

Continuing with Prime Meridian, there are optional benefits which you can add to your policy. These of course, may increase your monthly premiums, but aren’t necessarily useless as many people suggest.


  • You can get a car hire benefit when your vehicle is in repairs or stolen/hijacked. Prime Meridian will reimburse you for up to R4000 on your car hire on condition you hired a vehicle from Europcar, AVIS, Budget Car Rental, Tempest Car Hire, or Hertz.
  • Retrenchment waiver benefit allows you some financial freedom in the event that you get unemployed and cannot pay your premiums. Prime Meridian would pay up to 6 months of your premiums for you so you remain covered
  • You can nominate an additional driver of your car under the policy, thereby if anything happens when he or she is driving your car, the insurer would pay up whatever is due
  • 24/7 roadside assistance anywhere in South Africa

Prime Meridian Car Insurance South Africa is underwritten by RMB Structured Insurance and is a provider of short-term insurance products. For more about this, enquire on the contact details below or fill in the form above to get obligation free quotes from other insurers.

Prime Meridian Direct Contact Details

Prime Meridian Bryanston
Building 6 – Bryanston Gate
170 Curzon Road
Bryanston, 2021