Affordable Extended Car Warranty Solutions for South Africans

Most of the confusion regarding extended car warranties is whether or not they are service plans or maintenance plans. By definition a warranty is an assurance by a party, usually an insurance company, to make good on payment for damages to a motor vehicle [in this case] for specific parts. These parts can be both mechanical and electronic. A motor vehicle warranty is in fact a special kind of insurance product, while service and maintenance plans are not.

Compare ‘n Save explains further and offers you the option to compare extended car warranties from different insurers.

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A typical car warranty covers damages and breakdowns of engines, the gearbox, sound system, ABS, and other components which you can opt into or leave out. There are two types of car warranties, namely the car’s factory warranty and an extended car warranty.

Original Manufacturer Car Warranties

An original manufacturer car warranty is often referred to as a factory warranty because it comes standard when the motor vehicle leaves the assembly line. Most car makers in South Africa have original factory warranties on all their cars, with the BMW Motorplan Extension being one of the most popular. With this, the car maker offers to make the necessary repairs to your car for a specified period which is usually 36 months of a new car. Thereafter, the warranty either expires or carries on depending on your policy. The expiry is what leads to the sale of extended car warranties, known as after-market warranties.

Extended Car Warranties

After-market auto warranties are available to both buyers of new and used cars. Specialists like Motorite and SA Warranties are solely in the business of warranties, and where your car is new but doesn’t come with a factory warranty, they are the kind of companies that can provide you with solutions. Whereas a company such as Hollard and its Motor Xtender product are more geared towards used cars. Essentially what this means is that you can get the same or more cover for your car’s parts against breakdowns throughout the usefulness of your car.

Typically, the seller of the original car sells the vehicle with the factory warranty if it hasn’t expired. The factory warranty might cover just the engine, transmission, and drive shaft, but not cover the breakdown of your sensors, air conditioning, audio system and even your fuel system. The purpose of an extended car warranty is to make up for the shortfall, thus you can end up with two warranties working in conjunction.

Warranty Solutions: South Africa

Compare ‘n Save can get you quotes for affordable warranties that won’t break your bank balance. By now you might be asking yourself why would you buy a warranty for your car when you already have car insurance? The truth is that your motor vehicle policy usually doesn’t include cover for breakdowns. This means if your engine stops working, you can’t make a claim from your insurer. This is where you need a warranty.

*Based on your profile, your details will be sent to insurance partners that will best serve your needs. That may be a different company than the one featured on this page and form.

Warranties are usually cheaper than car insurance – that should be obvious. Alternatively, you could easily inquire from you existing car insurer about a warranty top-up. Hollard Car Insurance for example has such an option, as well as other insurers. But after that it’s best to compare if you can’t get a cheaper option for similar cover.